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Your basic rental includes Collision Damage Waiver, 24/7 Roadside assistance, Theft insurance, Free Modification (up to 24 hours prior to pick up time) and Value Added Tax (VAT).


Driver Requirements

Minimum rental age is 21 years and with license more than one year.
Young Driver (less than 24 years) are allowed to rent only Small, Economy, Compact vehicles. (See Young Driver terms below).

There is no maximum age. A Senior driver fee is not applied.


Additional Driver Fee:  Each additional driver is AED 21 per day (Maximum AED 168 VAT included per rental) and to be paid locally.


When picking up the vehicle, all drivers must be present and must provide valid documentation.

The driver license must have been issued by authorized authorities at least 1 year(s) before the date of the commencement of the rental and valid for at least 30 days after check-in.

Renters from the listed countries below whose driver’s license and passport are from the same country are not required to provide further verification to pick up the vehicle: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States. In addition to the regular driver license, an International Driving Permit is also mandatory if the national driver license is not written in English.


Drivers with a Canadian driver license are required to provide documentation from the Canadian Consulate in Dubai verifying that the license is genuine. Licenses from Cyprus, Greece, Japan, Poland, South Korea, and Turkey are required to provide an official translation of the license from their consulate. International Indian Driving License hardcopy needs to be presented, online license is not acceptable. Customers whose license is not from one of the countries listed above or customers who do not hold a driver license and passport from the same country are required to provide an International driver’s license. Chinese drivers must provide an official English translation along with their driver’s license.


Otherwise, the renter must provide an International Driver Permit (IDP).
Please note that the International Driving Permit is valid only if accompanied by the regular driver license.

In order to pick up the car, the following documents are required: passport, valid driver license and credit card on a main driver’s name.


Security Deposit

Standard – Refundable security deposit

2000 AED for Small, Economy, Compact, Standard SUV, Full Size SUV and 7 seater vehicles.

3500 AED for Convertibles

5000 AED for Premium and Luxury vehicles.


Young Drivers – Refundable security deposit

Young Driver (less than 24 years) are allowed to rent only Small, Economy, Compact vehicles. Young driver fee of AED 50 per day, maximum of AED 1000 per monthly rental applies for renters between the ages 21 to 24 and a security deposit of AED 2,500 and 20% of the repair cost shall apply. Young drivers are not eligible to purchase (Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW). In case of a damage / accident the renter shall pay an insurance excess of AED 2,500 in addition to 20% of the repair cost. Police Report is mandatory.


Payment Policy

A deposit will be blocked on the customer’s credit card for 21 working days from the date of return of the vehicle. Any penalties, tolls or charges will be deducted from the same. Invoice will be provided upon request.


Accepted Credit cards with the main driver’s full name on them:

·       Mastercard Credit ·       American Express
·       Visa Credit ·       Discover
·       Diners Club ·       Union Pay
·       JCB  


Virtual Payments

·       Samsung Pay ·       Apply Pay


Not accepted:

  • Someone else’s card (including family members)


Please Note:

If paying with Cash, a credit card is required for deposit.

All traffic fines incurred should be settled within the same day or the next day.  Tolls and Damage charges should be settled on the date of return of the car. Any charges updated late in the system after the return of the vehicle will be deducted from the Security deposit. Invoice will be provided upon request. Renter shall pay all fines incurred during the rental period within 24 hours of issue of fines along with administration fee of AED 70 per fine. Delivery/Collection service is available only by advance request. Additional charges will be applied.

Value Added Tax (VAT) of 5% will be applicable on DRIVUS lease charges. Should any Government taxes be applied during the duration of this contract DRIVUS will apply such taxes to invoices from the date of implementation by the UAE Government.

Our working hours are 08:00am to 11:00pm. The Renter shall be charged an out-of-hours fee of AED 300 per delivery or collection, if the pick up or drop off time of the rental is outside the rental counter’s normal working hours.

One-way Fee of AED 50 shall be applicable in case of drop-off location is different from that of the pick-up location.

If the renter modifies the booking in less than 24 hours from pick up time Modification charges of AED 150 applies.


Valet Charges

Renter should return the vehicle completely clean. All DRIVUS vehicles are Non-Smoking; eating, drinking and pets are not allowed in the vehicle. Valet charges of AED 600 apply if returned dirty or with sand, stains, animal fur or garbage or odour.

Geographical Restrictions

Vehicles taken on rent from Drivus Car Rental may only be driven within the geographical boundaries of the United Arab Emirates.


Toll Fees

AED 6 per crossing will be charged


Rental Period and Return Policy

Rental charges are on a 24-hour basis

A grace period of one hours is acceptable on return date. Any delays more than one hour will result in excess full day rental charges

The maximum rental period per agreement is 29 days. If the renter would like to extend the rental period, renter should return to the car hire office at the end of the rental period to sign a new agreement.



Service and Maintenance

In case of Vehicle breakdown, DRIVUS Car Rental will provide a replacement car as soon as possible.

Renter shall not repair the rented vehicle without written consent from DRIVUS Car Rental.


Fuel policy

Customers are required to return the vehicle with the same fuel level as when it was initially rented. Additional fuel charges may be incurred if the fuel level is lower than the initial amount. In no case will a refund be given for unused fuel.


Damage and Accident

In case of any damage or accident, the hirer must call the Police (901) and DRIVUS Car Rental at +971525800788.

Police Report is mandatory for any damage caused during the rental period.



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